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Honest Anime Trailer Naruto Honest Anime Trailers Naruto Shippuden Honest Anime Trailers Naruto Honest Anime Trailer Naruto Shippuden Become my Patreon PayPal DONATION Special Thanks: DuDuL for the Funny Animation: Raspdere for the Beautiful Sakura`s Voice: TeamFourStar for the Piccolo, Krillin, Nappa Cameo Subscribe to my channel ------------------------------------------------- Check out my Honest Trailers Playlist: ------------------------------------------------- Patrons: iAnime David Afram ------------------------------------------------- Check out my Popular Honest Trailers: One Piece Fairy Tail Sword Art Online Tokyo Ghoul Fate/Stay Night: UBW Attack on Titan: ------------------------------------------------- Always OPEN for any Contribution of Non-English CC & Sub (closed captions and subtitles) Special thanks to 1. [BackGD W] Chinese CC/Sub ------------------------------------------------- Music Used: 0:00 Naruto Shipudden Theme 0:58 George Michael - Careless Whisper 1:13 Naruto Theme 2:12 The Raising Fighting Spirit 2:55 Hokage Funeral 3:04 Departure to the Front Lines 3:45 Sakura Theme 4:15 Departure to the Front Lines 4:46 The Guts to Never Give Up 5:52 School Days - Kanashimi no Mukou e ------------------------------------------------- Please note that this series is just a cheap mimics of Screen Junkies Honest Trailers and SmoshGames Honest Game Trailers, if you haven`t watch their videos, GO WATCH IT! You won`t regret it. ------------------------------------------------- Twitter: FB-page: Google+ : Tumblr : Paypal Donation: